It’s a Sign

I found myself driving an old familiar road at an unfamiliar time, my car’s wheels wrapping around each corner, each bend, eagerly propelling and thrusting us forward, thirsty for new adventures. Where was I, but a thick forest, sky blue, stark contrast with scarce cloud cover? With the vultures, quite ominous in nature, circling high above? Where was I, but an old grass feild, each blade dancing in the wind, full of bad headaches, forgotten memories and misguided decisions? For am I not where I started? So many years ago, sneaking out late at night, behind the backs of those who loved us more than we loved ourselves?

Oh no, you are not. For you are on the same familiar road, though the dangerous pot holes and road blocks are less daunting as you have met wisdom, invited mindfulness, and welcomed forgiveness into your life.



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