My name is Rachel, I’m a mid-to-late 20 something who is still as obsessed with horses as I was when I was a barn rat kid who spent all her waking hours (and some of her sleeping) devoted to grooming horses and mucking stalls. I love art, and have found an outlet in speaking creatively be it through words or other mediums. You’ll see him referenced frequently and that is my heart horse, Shorty. I was swept off my feet the moment I laid eyes on his gleaming hooves as a naive 15 year old (and he 4). We made it work into what has formed into a lifelong partnership. He is my soul horse. I have an odd, amazing, quirky, much like my socially awkward self dog by the name of Stella who is a rescue from the streets of Taiwan who resides with my parents and their four rescue dogs. My dreams include working with people, specifically war vets, to overcome addiction, mental illness , poverty, and homelessness. I’m a strong advocate for human rights and equality, and will continue to do anything in my power, including sharing the “ugly” parts of my story, to help people from feeling less alone in this big world.


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